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“Keep wandering. You’re not lost."

- Jordan Carroll

My name is Jordan Carroll and I guide professionals who are committed to building a successful and meaningful career while traveling the world.

Before I spent my time traveling the world while working I had a corporate 9-5 job. While grateful for the experience, I realized my deep desires to build a career around a lifestyle of travel - with full locational freedom and independence. I honestly wasn’t sure if it was a possibility.

I’m a giver first, I prioritize relationships and serving others. I’m fascinated with psychology, human behavior, and emotional intelligence. I thrive off the place outside my comfort zone. I’m in constant pursuit of self-awareness.

I’ve been at low points. I’ve felt purposeless and plateaued. I’ve questioned my existence. I’ve battled depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, and like everyone else, I have flaws. What’s helped has been my commitment to growth. Once I decided to live an intentional life my world began shifting. I’m committed to helping others accelerate their path to success using lessons I’ve learned.

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