My name is Jordan Carroll and I help high performers land legitimate remote jobs.

I’ve worked over 5 years remotely in the US and internationally for startups, a Fortune 50 company, and my own businesses. During that time I’ve mentored 100’s of people and interviewed and landed multiple remote jobs.

Some important points along my journey that have helped me become an effective remote job coach, including how you’ll benefit from working with me:

  • Established the interview process for new members as a recruitment chairman and founding father of my fraternity in college - which we executed and placed top 25, nationally, in our 3rd year of existence. I’ll help you crush your interviews, improve your preparation process, and hone your skills.

  • Gained perspective on the interviewing and screening process from the employer side: I served as a liaison for my former companies’ prestigious training program, screening and interviewing hundreds of candidates. I learned what companies look for so that you can take out the guesswork.

  • Spent countless hours researching remote work topics and industry perspectives. Leverage what I’ve learned for the better half of a decade, especially what I wish I would’ve known about working remotely before I started doing it.

  • Generated hundreds of thousands of views and engagements on my social media, especially LinkedIn, which has opened incredible opportunities. I’ll teach you my top tips to build a sustainable online persona and become a magnet for luck.

  • Became engaged member of multiple remote work communities, including Remote Year, Running Remote, Nomad Cruise, and more. This amassed me a valuable international network in multiple industries with thousands of decision makers, hiring managers, and employees of remote companies. The most successful route to a remote job is through referrals. Take advantage of my network from day one of working together.


“Keep wandering. You’re not lost." - Jordan Carroll


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