The Power Of LinkedIn: Leveraging Your LinkedIn Social Network

Social media is POWERFUL.

It's fundamentally changed the way we interact with one another.

We can argue the pros and cons but at the end of the day we can't stop it's affect on society.

It seems we only have two options as individuals:

  1. Reject social media and accept the natural consequences of being "left behind" by the rest of humanity

  2. Accept social media and leverage it's power for our own motivations

I often have my own moral and ethical questions of why I'm using social media and, for me, it becomes a gift and a curse.

I notice there's a lot of ego involved in the entire process of curating your online social presence, and there are negative effects related to its addictive nature.

At the same time it provides a means to keep up with others that you're thousands of miles away from and connect with new people you would've never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Even amongst this internal dilemma that sometimes keeps me from posting on social media, there is one platform I use that I believe is more powerful (in a good way) than ANY other at the moment.

Can you guess what it is?

cute dog.gif

NOT Facebook, with the cyborg Mark Zuckerberg who sells all of your data on the dark web...

NOT Twitter which is a dumpster fire at all times...

NOT Instagram which main purpose seems to be selling you Skinny Tea by a self proclaimed "model" in a g-string.

Did you guess LinkedIn?

Maybe not...

Because out of the 500 MILLION users, only about 1% even post content.

In my opinion it's the last major social media network that hasn't been over saturated.

We're still in the "innovator" stage of the network when it comes to content creators and active users.

innovation adoption.png

This creates an enormous opportunity for those who take advantage.

"The early bird gets the worm."

The platform is no longer JUST an online resume or job board.

It’s a REAL COMMUNITY, sitting there, waiting for you to capture it’s value.

None better an example than when two weeks ago I participated on a panel discussion at the first LinkedIn Local Chico and discussed the role the platform has played in my life.

It's been profound, and guess how I got the speaking gig?

Yes, LinkedIn.

speaking gig.jpg

Maybe speaking isn't your thing... and you're thinking, Jordan, I don't give a shit about getting speaking gigs.

There's something in this for everyone, I promise.

Below I'm going to use my own examples with the intention of inspiring your thinking to how you can use the platform.

You just need to find your use case...

You Need a Network / Community 

I message founders to interview them for my video series and host dinner events in cities I go to as I travel. I use LinkedIn to hyper target locations to connect with like-minded people to collaborate, converse, and connect. This gives me a vast network wherever I go in the world.

This week I'm in Dallas, TX and have a dinner with 20 people set up (over half of which I've only met on LinkedIn). In turn, some of them have welcomed me into their homes, invited me to parties, offered to take me on hikes, opened up guest passes to workspaces and gyms, and they've ONLY known me from the internet. 

How could you benefit from truly borderless, valuable communities and relationships, EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE?

You Need to Build Credibility in Your Industry

I've been able to expand my personal brand, drive traffic to my website, provide social proof to potential clients, book speaking gigs, and build an audience on LinkedIn. This has resulted in more trust and sales.

A video I posted last week reached 27,000 views organically. I didn't have to pay (like FB, IG, or Youtube Ads), and the audience is engaged. The true measure of success isn't the number of views, but all the messages I received from people who liked the video and wanted to talk about it. You can click on the photo below to see the post.

How could you benefit from credibility and social proof in your industry?

You Need to Advance Your Career or Change Jobs

I've found job and collaboration opportunities, set up informational interviews and mentorships with people I admire. This has resulted in true equity that I can use to pivot and create the career I aspire to have, which includes traveling the world while working.

The worst time look for a new job is when you need it. The old school application is dying. Why? People hire people they know or are referred to. Build now so you can reap benefits later. Change is inevitable and engaging in the work now sets you up for success later.

The platform has evolved, and it will continue to evolve.

It won't always be this easy to build a brand on LinkedIn, but when there is a gold rush, don't you want to be the one with a pan?

Consider expanding yourself on LinkedIn if you haven't already - it’s changing my life and what I’m able to accomplish.

How active are you on LinkedIn?

Let me know what your challenges and goals are with the platform and maybe I can help you.

"Innovation is seeing change as an opportunity -- not a threat."

- Steve Jobs

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