Using Your Unique Skills to Your Advantage

Napoleon's got nunchuck skills.

Do you know yours?

The first step to using your unique skills to your advantage is to KNOW what they are.

Seems obvious.

But, many times when I've asked people what they are good at, they literally can't answer it.

  • Maybe they're biased or have blind spots.

  • Maybe they don't want to seem narcissistic.

  • Maybe they're not used to talking about themselves.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains: 

Only when you have awareness of your strengths can you learn how to communicate them to others and use them to your advantage.

Five Ways to Gain Awareness
of Your Unique Skills

1. Clifton Strengths Finder

In my opinion, this is the most actionable and insightful test you can take to learn about yourself and your strengths.

2. Ask those close to you what they think you're good at.

Friends, family, teachers, mentors, managers, your significant other. The people closest to you know a crap ton about what you're good at.

3. Make a list of what people ask you advice for.

What expertise do people request from you? Expand beyond the people closest to you, but similar to #2, use external sources as your reference point.

4. Reflect on your past jobs, courses, and role on teams.

What patterns do you notice and what knowledge can you leverage? Check your computer hard drive for old term papers, assignments, & projects you forgot about.

5. Keep an ongoing list of your accomplishments:

Add to it all the time. Don't discriminate.

Big AND little celebrations both count. 

Having trouble thinking of things?

  • Check the photos in your phone and on social mediaThe most significant events in your life probably had a camera close by.

  • Look at your resume and LinkedIn - especially what you highlight for potential employersNeed help with your profiles? I offer paid resume and LinkedIn review and done-for-you services. Schedule one here.

Which method do you use and what did I leave off?

Jordan CarrollComment