How to Be the CEO of Your Life: Cody Barbo & Dan Goldstein of Trust & Will | One Minute Weekly Ep.61

#OneMinuteWeekly #61 is with Cody Barbo and Daniel Goldstein of Trust & Will, the easiest, fastest, most approachable way to set up your trust and will online.

Cody and Daniel stress the importance of the decisions you make everyday:

Whether that’s who you surround yourself with or action you take toward your ambitions.

 Viewing yourself as your own LIFE FOUNDER allows you to take full responsibility of everything that happens.

👥Curate Your Network

(A) All Stars: Personal board of directors
(B) Business Contacts: Close intimate relationships
(C) Contacts (General): People you celebrate life events
(D) Deletes: They are holding you back, disassociate
(E) Everyone: All that have an opportunity to be A-D

Quick pro tip: Personalize all of your LinkedIn connection requests!

👣The Smallest Step Gets You to Your Larger Goals

If there’s something you want to be doing in the future, take the smallest step NOW!

Ex: If you want to start a fashion brand...

Create a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, put something into the market so you can learn and get one step closer.


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