Career and Life Coaching Services

Coach for Aspiring Remote Working Professionals & Digital Nomads

Whether you’re thinking about finally making the jump from your office job to remote work or you’re a digital nomad who wants to optimize your lifestyle, you’re in the right place. I build customized coaching plans for each individual based on their version of success, all revolving around productivity with locational independence.



  • Network Efficiently With Actionable Strategies

  • Be a Magnet For Luck and Opportunities

  • Be More Effective in Critical Conversations


  • Reach Your Fitness Goals Despite Being “Busy”

  • Set Foundation of Fitness Through Habit Formation

  • Receive Accountability for Your Physical Challenges


  • Externalize Your Values and Live by Them

  • Discover Which Needs Are Driving Your Decisions

  • Choose How To Live the Life You Want to Live


  • Find Your Meaning and Purpose in Work

  • Define Your Career Based on the Lifestyle You Want

  • Build Your Personal Brand for the Career You Want


  • Learn Psychology Behind Habits and Decision Making

  • Implement Prioritization of the Most Important Thing

  • Leverage Time Blocking to Organize Your Life


"Jordan excels in strategic goal setting, but more importantly, execution. When Jordan has his eyes on a goal, he exceeds expectations and produces quality results. He is a man of his word that delivers what he promises. His high level of execution is complimented well with his desire for more. This ambition and curious nature helps Jordan set new goals. I admire his hard work ethic and infectious personality that can make anyone gravitate toward him."

Jay Virdee, Account Manager at HP


Why Choose Me?

I’ve worked with 100’s of people to illuminate their blind spots, give them new perspective, and achieve their own versions of success. By seeking my own self-improvement, I’ve experimented and implemented different systems. These strategies and habits have led to success and failure. These experiences provided me invaluable lessons which I’m compelled to share with my clients.


To help others live intentionally by taking control of their decision making, finding their purpose, and accelerating their growth through extended travel. I find my personal fulfillment when I contribute to others’ journeys of self-discovery and meaning.


With the right awareness, tools, and accountability, we can fundamentally change our default future. I’m fascinated with psychology, human behavior, and EQ and seek to understand what motivates humans from a conscious and subconscious level.


I focus on the individual, their strengths, and the reality they envision. I use a practical mix of psychological research, digital tools, and personalized goal mapping to collaborate with my clients. The result is an actionable plan that they can execute.


(Intention + Effort + Accountability) x Consistency = Results

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