Monthly Mentorship

Stop feeling guilty about being selfish.

You need someone to push you that’s 100% committed to your growth and not going to let you get away with bullshit excuses. The best way to get that is to PAY for it (at the moment I have 3 paid mentors/coaches).

I’m offering a few spots for a limited time well below my normal hourly rate because I want to incentivize on-going  mentorship relationships.

I get requests for time, advice, and guidance every day – this is the only way, other than my course, at the moment, to receive in-depth mentorship.

With my mentoring you’ll get:

  • 2 POWERFUL monthly calls (30 min each) for ONLY $199
  • Progress tracking and accelerated growth
  • External accountability and (honest) sounding board
  • Tangible, actionable methods to overcome your obstacles
  • Access to the resources available in my courses

If you’re interested, please book a “Consulting Discovery Call” first, so we can be sure it’s a good fit:

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