I’m a dynamic motivator with international speaking experience. I’ve done stand-up comedy in front of 250 people, facilitated interactive workshops, and lectured on college campuses. I’m passionate about delivering a powerful message to audiences and giving actionable value to each individual. I’ve made it my mission to benefit others from my experiences and learnings.

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My speaking topics include:

  • Networking in the Digital Age

    Build Authentic Connections, Make Money, and Find Jobs in a World That's Batshit Crazy with Technology

  • Hacks in Lifestyle Design

    Establish a Meaningful Career Around the Lifestyle You Desire From Anywhere In the World

  • Emotional Intelligence In Sales and Life

    The Practical Psychology Behind Interpersonal Communication, Sales, and Your Most Important Conversations


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"Jordan's enthusiasm and drive is infectious. When you get around him you can feel the energy. He is always in pursuit, which is inspiring. He is organized and detailed and his punctuality has always stood out to me. It's hard to find someone with such an electric personality that also keeps his ducks in a row. "

Brendan Pettit, Co-Founder of Youphoria