peter boyd-circle.jpg

Peter B.

Jordan is incredibly thoughtful and cares about his client's success. I worked with Jordan to optimize my business strategy. He always went the extra mile and exceeded my expectations.”


Olivia G.

"Jordan is many things, he's imaginative, inclusive and has an aptitude to connect with people and bring them together. However, his greatest gift is his ability to see other’s potential and help guide them to see it in themselves. I am one of those people. Jordan has been my biggest coach through the process of finding myself, my passion and my career path. His coaching style challenges me to find the answers within myself and he pushes me to always be inquisitive and curious. 

I have successfully used his goal planning methods that also created balance in my life. I also learned the importance of self-evaluation and reflection from him and now journal daily. He inspires me to live a life I design, with respect for myself, because he practices what he preaches every single day. I am grateful to have him as a coach, mentor and friend and fully believe that he can help guide any person to realize and attain their full potential."

alex boyd-circle.png

Alex B.

"Jordan is a gem. As an entrepreneur, you need to be a good judge of character more than anything. I've depended on Jordan many times. He not only just gets it, he's a good person who will never waste your time. I learn from him, I will continue to partner with him, and I always trust him to deliver."


Alex S.

"It's obvious what Jordan's passions are. He exudes them. He is a leader, mentor, coach, friend and much more. I have been a Client/Mentee of Jordans and partook in his "Shift Your Reality" course. Jordan compiled numerous hours of research, self-analyzation, experimentation, and dedication into this wonderful course designed to make you better - and it works. He has helped me both professionally and personally. It seems to be so simple for him. Helping is in his nature and he feeds of off the success of others. He's a great friend to have and a wonderful leader to look up to! I would absolutely recommend checking out his course and his mentoring options and connecting with him."

babatunde olayumi-circle.jpg

Babatunde O.

"Throughout the development of my personal life and professional career there have been a number of individuals who have played a part in shaping my path forward to succeeding my goals, and Jordan Carroll is one individual high on that list. 

The meaning of a mentor in my opinion is a person who can lead because they have learned to follow, who teaches and can show others how to improve on their mistakes, and who is present in your development process even when making time is difficult. Jordan continues to embody all of these traits as we have both journeyed together from the class room to graduation, and from the corporate world to conversations across states. 

His words and guidance to me have positively affected my career helping me to understand that your passion for something will drive you to become your best self more than money ever could. We are all better knowing there is someone like him in your corner supporting you."

klaudia-circle2 copy.png

Klaudia J.

"Jordan has helped me overcome my scarcity mentality and truly focus on abundance mentality. I met Jordan at Forbes 30 Under 30 and his infectious personality made it easy to see that his passion for helping others is genuine. 

Jordan helped me set clear short and long-term goals and has been my accountability partner to ensure my goals come to fruition. Jordan is the type of individual that you can count on to help guide you on business and personal endeavors. I look forward to collaborating with Jordan in the future."

Hussein Al-Baiaty-circle.png

Hussein A.

"When Jordan and I met I could feel his authentic and helpful energy. Jordan and I worked on a project to help my marketing strategy for a year and he helped me reveal so many things about not only my plan but my whole company. We talk often and bounce ideas as he continues to help me grow as individual and as a professional. I’m grateful Jordan is out in the world helping people, it inspires me often."


Dylan B.

"Jordan's energy and success is infectious! 

He has a very elegant and effective approach in discovering ways to positively influence my habits and provide a different point of view on life.

Jordan has coached me through my corporate career progression, networking opportunities, and emotional maturity. I am blessed to have him in my life and I am looking forward to seeing how he can similarly influence others at a larger scale."

andrew desmarais-circle.png

Andrew D.

"Jordan Carroll is a proven leader amongst his peers. Jordan has a passion for people unlike anyone else, and is known for his ability to build relationships. He continuously challenges himself to grow, and always looks to share knowledge with his peers. Jordan is a true team player, exhibits strong work ethic, and is highly driven to succeed. I give Jordan my highest recommendation."

elizabeth yee-circle.png

Elizabeth Y.

 "Jordan exudes one of the attributes I like to see in a leader, which is the ability to understand what skills each team member has to bring to the table. Jordan’s ability to identify these unique skills from each individual not only ensures that everyone’s input is involved, but that a more comprehensive and thought out end result is achieved."

jay virdee-circle.png

Jay V.

"Jordan excels in strategic goal setting, but more importantly, execution. When Jordan has his eyes on a goal, he exceeds expectations and produces quality results. He is a man of his word that delivers what he promises. His high level of execution is complimented well with his desire for more. This ambition and curious nature helps Jordan set new goals. I admire his hard work ethic and infectious personality that can make anyone gravitate toward him."

dominic travato-circle.png

Dominic T.

"The best way I can think of describing Jordan’s style is a great balance between a good friend and encouraging mentor. The tactics he’s helped me implement initially challenged my existing beliefs. Since then, they have helped me change my style with how I interact with new people. I’ve seen a personal transformation in how excited I get to step out of my comfort zone in different situations in both in person and written communication. Jordan leads by example, and its contagious!"

nicholas velardi-circle.png

Nicholas V.

"Jordan has been a mentor for well over a year. The intangibles I've been able to gain through his guidance have helped me both personally and professionally. He specifically helps me see situations with added clarity and meaning. He also provides key insights in the world of emotional competence that have helped me challenge limiting beliefs. Jordan cares deeply about the people around him and is someone I look up to tremendously."

brendan pettit-circle.jpg

Brendan P.

"Jordan reaches across boundaries to pull people together. I’ve never met anyone that has the eye and intention to connect others in a meaningful way like he does. I gained an extensive network in the Portland area by befriending and working with Jordan.

Jordan's enthusiasm and drive is infectious. When you get around him you can feel the energy. He is always in pursuit, which is inspiring. He is organized and detailed and his punctuality has always stood out to me. It's hard to find someone with such an electric personality that also keeps his ducks in a row. 

I’ve worked professionally with Jordan on various marketing and branding projects for Youphoria. His ability to work in the gray area and narrow down a desired path, is truly a gift. "

tim heinze-circle.png

Tim H.

“It's always gratifying to see a past student not only succeed, but also excel. And that is the case with Jordan Carroll. Though at one point I viewed myself as Jordan's mentor, his skill set, knowledge base, and circumspect perspectives are now so finely honed that I find myself going to him for advice. There are few twenty-somethings for whom this is the case. Jordan is in a rarefied league, but you'll never find him assuming the condescending airs and graces which characterize many in this league. Rather, he is genuine, authentic, and incredibly humble. I'm pleased to highly recommend him...and to call him not only a friend...but a mentor.”

luke flowers-circle.jpg

Luke F.

“Jordan and I met at a LinkedIn Local event in Portland. I was immediately impressed with his ability to simplify complex concepts into essential elements. We spent some time together training on self defense and discovered we both share a passion for people, professional ethics and drive for top performance. He is invaluable as a friend and professional sounding board and I highly encourage anyone looking to refine their brand message or grow their market spend time learning with Jordan.”

jeff slack-circle.jpg

Jeff S.

 “While I was a freshman at Chico State, I was recruited to rush the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Upon joining the brotherhood, there were few men in the organization that I looked to for guidance, both personally and professionally. Jordan was one of them. His exuberant personality and driven work ethic are very attractive qualities which is why I gravitated towards him. Since then, he has become a friend and a mentor. 

After graduating college, I spent two years living the life I thought I wanted to live. I moved to Tahoe to pursue skiing. Although I was chasing my passion, the lifestyle was not fulfilling. I turned to Jordan for guidance. Many hours were spent discussing various tactics and strategies which enabled me to transition into a fulfilling, healthy and active lifestyle. His coaching style was rough at times, telling me what I NEEDED to hear and not what I WANTED to hear, but at the end of the day it was what I needed. 

Thanks to Jordan’s coaching I have found a new life path that blends the lifestyle I want to live with a meaningful career where I can make a difference. I continue to learn from him and am honored to have him as a mentor.”


justin lee-circle.jpg

Justin L.

 “I have had the pleasure of knowing Jordan for 3 years since joining IBM together in 2013. I have also had the benefit of having him on my team for 1 of those years. First and foremost, he is an outstanding person, giving, passionate and driven, all traits which also make him an exceptional salesman. 

A natural born leader, I have seen him take control of spiraling situations and find a path forward. He also manages to establish and maintain great relationships, which add to his network.”