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Remote Job Coaching.

Remote Work

Saved My Life.

Remote work changed what was possible for me:

  • Lifestyle: It allowed me to build work around a life of travel where I inhabited 15 different countries on 5 continents in a 3 year span. It gave me time to pursue hobbies, like producing videos, learning Spanish, and performing stand-up comedy.

  • Health: It gave me the flexibility to prioritize health. I lost 40 lbs and 15% BF in a 90 day timespan, quit cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and started competing in Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and international marathons.

  • Relationships: It gave me freedom to meet hundreds of virtual connections in person from LinkedIn, as well as join communities like: Nomad Cruise, Remote Year, Running Remote, Nomads Giving Back & more.

What does remote work allow you to do?

  • 4+ Years

    As a Remote Business Owner.

    After years of working for other companies and refining my coaching services as a side-gig, I recognized a huge gap in education for finding remote work. I was able to use my own experiences to build out programming for my potential students. After initial waves of clients were getting results, I realized I had found my calling. 

  • 1+ Years

    As a Remote Freelancer.

    In 2017, I freelanced as a writer, marketer, and sales consultant. I was coaching on the side to help growth-minded individuals improve their lives and careers. These steps expanded me into the remote world and with the freelance income, I was able to travel.

  • 5+ Years

    As a Remote Employee.

My Journey.

I’ve worked remotely, consistently, since 2013, for:

  • A global Fortune 50 tech company with over 400k employees (IBM)

  • A fully distributed, remote-first travel company with 150 employees (Remote Year)

  • Multiple other startups with a range of 2-50 employees as well as my own businesses

These experiences gave me a unique perspective, and I realized:

There’s a learning curve to both finding remote jobs as well as becoming an efficient, high-performing remote worker. These aren’t subjects taught in school.

So, I set out to educate others.

My alter ego #TheRemoteJobCoach is a result of helping others learn a proven system that enabled me to get hired to work remotely as a high performer, without the “traditional application process.”

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